Illuminated Sign, Custom Neon Lights Melbourne

We specialise in neon and LED sign supplies and equipment for both homeowners and businesses in Melbourne looking to add some light to their property. AUS LED & Neon Wholesalers has been supplying high-quality accessories to the neon sign industry since the 1950’s. The bulbs used in a 3D LED sign, whether they are DIP or SMD, do not have a filament like conventional bulbs, and as such are more energy efficient and have a longer life span. This means lower costs and longer operating life for your signage, as well as minimal maintenance. LED stands for light-emitting diode, with signs being made from thousands of LED bulbs that are configured so that they display text, images, video and more.
There are a variety of different choices, ranging from Light Box Sign to Neon Signs. Top sign also provides LED Light Up Sign and Fabric Light Box, giving your brand a professional look above the reception counters and in shopfront. LED signs in Melbourne are suitable for just about any avenue of business, including retail signage, hospitality, restaurants and healthcare. No matter what your business office reception signage melbourne is all about, lightboxes in Melbourne could be the solution your business has been looking for. You can choose to make your signage more contemporary with a round lightbox or another modern and refreshing design that we can create for you. With light box signs in Melbourne from LF Signs, we can create impactful signs for retail units, pylon and plinth signage and architectural signage.

When a potential client or customer steps inside your business, displaying your brand with one of LF’s light boxes in Melbourne can make your brand stand out from the crowd. It immediately lets them know where they are and improves your brand awareness. By choosing LED business signs in Melbourne, you can benefit from this cost-effective option.
LED lights are cheaper to run that other illuminated alternatives, thanks to their energy-saving design. Along with this, they are a low-maintenance option, so once it has been installed, you will not have to spend time thinking about it. Illuminated signs are simply signage that is brightened with lights, such as LED or neon. This type of signage suits many types of businesses in Melbourne as they can be used to draw attention and convey a targeted message to your customers nearby. Price varies depending on your project size but bear in mind our backlit signs start from $500.

AUS LED & Neon Wholesalers is the right company to contact for high-quality neon and LED lights. For instance, important elements like pixels and pitch need to be factored in when designing illuminated LED signs. A pixel is the term used for a group of three DIP bulbs or a single SMD bulb, while pitch refers to the distance between the centre of two adjacent pixels.
If your business operates in a busy commercial space or area, anilluminated signagecan increase your chances of standing apart and getting noticed by your customers from a distance. If you needround-the-clock exposurefor your brand to increase your customer base, anilluminated signageis a great way to meet your needs. By using the latest manufacturing techniques, we can create lightbox signage that is at the top of its game and is made with quality.

Lightbox signs increases the visibility of your premises and is cheaper to install and maintain than a neon sign. Our expert in-house team not only produces great signage, but can also help advise the best placement for your signage so it gets noticed by your customers the most. According to market research, custom LED lights cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 or more.
Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor lightbox, you can be confident that because it is illuminated, it is going to stand out far more than a regular sign. Just think of all those times you have driven past a business and noticed their exterior signs in Melbourne because they are lit up and stand out. The answer could be LED signage in Melbourne that truly makes your business stand out. With an outdoor lightbox, your brand name and logo will show clearly, whether it is night or day, and draw people into your company.
LED signs are great advertising for your business, so go ahead and take advantage of them. Standing out from the crowd and attracting steady footfall into a business is one of the most difficult tasks challenging business managers and owners. Getting your business the attention it deserves involves going that little bit further to attract engagement and here at LF Sign Group, we’ve got the solution.

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