Best Cheap Restaurants in Tokyo

At lunchtime, they get a constant stream of hungry office workers coming to their store. Most popular amongst travelers from overseas are their croissants, which are made with cultured butter. This Italian-fusion yakiniku restaurant boasts an entirely unique atmosphere of its own. Their delicious Manzovino Assorted Plate uses only top A5-grade Japanese Black wagyu beef, and comes with special sauces, such as shallot and lemon sauce, green chili and white miso dip, and more.
They also have a wide range of Japanese alcohol, due to being managed by a sake wholesalers. At Fujiya, they also stock around 100 kinds of wine, with an emphasis on New World varieties. Hamacho Kaneko is a handmade soba restaurant in Hamacho, with soba rich in flavor and with a smooth texture. The soup is made from the perfect combination of skipjack tuna, kelp, dried shiitake mushrooms, and dried sardines, which brings out the subtle flavor of the soba noodles. They also have a wide range of sake and alcohol with plenty of side dishes to match. Their specialty is their Veggie Onigiri, which is filled to the brim with a colorful array of fresh vegetables, fish, and meat.

They recommend their maguro tuna served with the meat still attached to the backbone. With various rare cuts of matured fish meat served in hearty portions, you グルメ can enjoy a wide range of carefully curated and savory tuna dishes. This yakitori chicken skewer restaurant offers reasonable prices and a relaxed atmosphere.
The first washoku restaurant to earn a three-star Michelin rating. Dishes made from the freshest, most colorful seasonal ingredients are served on tableware created by master craftsmen. The essence of Japanese cuisine in a traditional sukiya architecture setting. Chojuan serves soba buckwheat noodles made from freshly ground buckwheat from all over Japan.

Customers queue up in long lines every day in search for this restaurant's delicious curry, slow-cooked for over 140 hours using 36 kinds of spices. Saitamaya is Japan's #1 kushiyaki specialty restaurant, on-par with the super-popular restaurant "Torishiki." Jiyuusan is one of Tokyo's leading soba restaurants, run by its third-generation chef who honed his skills at famous restaurant "Takeyabu."
Dojo-nabe is a shallow pot dish lined with dojo loach cooked in soy sauce-flavored broth and served with chopped scallions. Yanagawa-nabe is also a hot pot dish made with loach and cooked with burdock and eggs. Soba established itself as a popular "fast food" by the mid-Edo period , and came to be a major local specialty of Tokyo. It's also one of the few dishes that the diner is encouraged to slurp. This is because slurping is believed to be the best way to appreciate the aroma of the buckwheat noodles.

Takeout is available only if you ordered the day before and the menu is delicious Milanese cutlet with sauce mixed with fresh tomato and seasonal fruits coming with rye bread. Given its prestigious setting, it is no surprise that Chuo is home to some of the best shopping spots in Tokyo, and even Japan. Visit this shopper’s paradise and peruse high-end department stores and boutiques, dine at fancy restaurants, sip coffee at cafes, admire art galleries, and dance the night away at night clubs.
Each items are carefully crafted and the set menu itself has a perfect proportion. If you want to taste the best sushi in relaxing atmosphere, this is the place. The head of Yamadaya is a restaurant specialized in fugu, puffy fish, in Usuki, Oita prefecture with a history over 100 years. Nishi-Azabu store offers fugu transported from Usuki by air on a same day. There are 3 fugu courses basically and time limited course menu with seasonal fish can be tasted at their peak season.
Bakushuan Nihonbashi is a place where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine made with fresh ingredients, together with sake and craft beer. The seafood used in the restaurant is caught every morning using a unique technique that doesn’t cause stress on the fish. They have over 80 varieties of sake and 11 varieties of craft beer that comes mainly from Japan. The Museum Café is inside the Mitsui Memorial Museum and serves noodles and other seasonal meals, as well as various sweets. The menu changes depending on the exhibits, making it perfect for right after exploring the museum.

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