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I'm travelling solo with my teardrop camper from Caretta. Thanks to this website, the buying process was easy. As you start your research, you’ll soon realise that there are many models available, each with their own features and benefits. There are ones to suit all lifestyles from solo travellers to large families and everything in between. Take a look of the 3 main types you can find today. We spent over two years living in a DIY camper vanand visiting 48 US states.
The POD, teardrop caravan, comes with its own power that lasts for approximately 2 days and can easily be recharged anywhere that you can find a power point. There is also a TV , a DVD Player, Radio, Queen sized Bed, and plenty of shelving for storage.... For the 4WD owner or the more adventurous 4WD families, the Off Road Teardrop Camper will suit your needs with a high clearance. car trailer for sale Light tare wight of 680 kg with a max load of 1000 kg and fully braked. You will be able to tow the off road teardrop caravan into remote areas with ease, where larger caravans will not be able to. Most importantly, aluminium sides and roof can support an awning, and there are ample upgrades to choose from like solar panels, a portable refrigerator and a heating or AC unit.

New, high quality products used in all kitchen finishings. There is no reason you should go without while travelling the country. After a day of exploring nature or dancing at your favourite festival sit back and enjoy watching the TV, radio or take advantage of 240v to charge your devices. With solar panels, external power and an inverter charger your Tucana will be ready at a moments notice. We've thought of everything for you, now all you need to do is go camping to feel the ease the pod has to offer! We are in the business of making camping a pleasure for you.
This chassis is built tough for light off road capabilities. Inside and out is ample lighting that is coupled up to a 12 volt power system. Inside there is carpet lining, and a roof vent with night fan. In the galley is a varnished kitchen that has shelves and cupboards.

Characterized by their retro “teardrop” shape, the teardrop trailer became a popular way to camp in the 1930s. The simple design of the teardrop or pod camper is one of the most elegant camping vehicles conceptualised. It's small and light weight construct gives confidence for towing and offers a cosy sleeping cubby, with clever rear opening kitchen offering functionality and storage. These are the fundamentals of camping, combined with modern comforts and technology the Gumnut camper is sleek in design and equipped for Off grid expeditions and adventures.
Riptide Campers are more on the larger side of teardrop campers, but still retain that classic teardrop shape. Price – not as cheap as a tent, but certainly not as expensive as a full caravan. You’re more likely to be looking in the $10-20k price range for a teardrop camper, compared to $50k+ for a caravan. This new style of teardrop camper introduces to the Australian market - sharp aero dynamic lines, open roomy feel, coloured side windows and rear kitchen gallery at a base price of $11,900 inc. This is Travelbug’s new Escape Pod with classic aero shape and awesome kitchen/hatch design makes this teardrop one to be considered. Queen bed area huge side windows allowing unprecedented air flow and comfort levels.

We had looked at campervans, marches, tent trailers and tents. We didn't have the space for halting troop at home and didn't want to pay for discrete limit. Also the cost of escorts and campervans was so much. We looked a tent set ups yet the issue was a ton with squeezing, dumping and napping on the ground with different spinal injuries. On camper trailer chassis with override brakes. We are a small family owned business, proud to represent Caretta Teardrop Camper Trailers in Queenland.
Those rounded roofs, classic lines, and quirky colour schemes add to the retro look of these vans. Today, teardrop trailers are making a comeback. Higher gas prices make them a more economical way to travel. And numerous DIY plans can be found online, making it easy to build your teardrop camper for a fraction of the cost. Teardrop campers are lightweight, easy to maneuver, and a comfortable way to spend the night outdoors.
We all need the time to relax and enjoy a holiday, the pod makes camping a pleasure for everyone in Australia. A Pod Camper is not typically shaped like a Teardrop Camper. Pod Campers can be shaped a number of different ways, whereas Teardrop Campers always have that retro teadrop shape about them.

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