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When the waitress returned to the table and noted the covered fish, she got the message bowed her head and said Amen over the fish. Needless to say this was so out of place that it sent us into gales of laughter. It was a fun evening and one that would be impossible to repeat. Now the pressure was on Jane to complete the site map for Taitung. The exhibit would open Saturday with many distinguished visitors expected to attend.
He asked Jane to do a small art work using the Chinese ink and brushes. It was after spending a couple of hours at his studio that we went to the restaurant next door with several new friends from Taitung. 台東名產 We had an excellent meal and enjoyed hearing the ocean break against the rocks. Taitung is relatively undeveloped compared to the rest of Taiwan, with most of its areas being left unspoiled.

They came to see Jane's work and to see the architectural changes that had been done to the Railway Artist Village. They did have a chance to make the western style of paper and do the human press. Following their visit, Jane continued to work on getting her site map started. It was getting very warm in the studio area, but Jane decided to prepare her site map from there. For lunch, you’ll arrive in Luye township (鹿野) and be treated to a wonderful spread of delicious local flavors and ingredients.
Even if there are some coffee shops here and there, Taiwan is more of a tea-drinking country after all. In New Taipei City, you’ll find the rural district of Pinglin — known for tea plantations, tea shops, and the Pinglin Tea Museum (that’s right, a museum dedicated to Taiwanese tea!). A trip to Pinglin Old Street affords you a tea masterclass with any of its longtime tea shop owners.

So it’s only natural that Taiwanese women are well-practiced don’t cut corners when it comes to taking care of their skin. As a result, Taiwanese skincare products are some of the best you’ll find in Asia, and make great take-home gifts. We recommend pretty much anything from a company called Cha Tzu Tang, which produces skin care products using all local products from Taiwanese farms. Guests of this Taitung hotel can make use of the parking facilities.
The owner of Cuiti, the guesthouse where we stayed (see on Booking / TripAdvisor) picked us up in Fenqihu and dropped us off at the bus stop the next day to get to Alishan. Alternatively, you can stay on a tea farm in Shizhuo, just south of Fenqihu. The tea grown in this area, known as Alishan High Mountain tea, is the most famous tea in Taiwan.
This is a very effective method, and everyone has fun doing it. The students then placed the paper on three dimensional objects such as trees, rocks and gratings. Following lunch, students learned how to make paper using the Asian or multiple dip method.

Outside we saw a very interesting person who was wearing rag socks and a yellow jacket and protective helmet.He was able to say a few words in English. They seemed to be well cared for, and we enjoyed feeding some of them some grass. That night we had dinner at a Thai restaurant that was very good. The owner normally runs a travel service but enjoys cooking Thai food. It, like the studio space, is a former railway warehouses next to the tracks.
When they were only 3 and 4, I took them on a solo full circuit of the island by train & scooter. Flight-inclusive Packages created on are financially protected by the ATOL scheme (under Expedia, Inc.'s ATOL number 5788). Please ask us to confirm what financial protection may apply to your booking.

Did a walkaround, but nothing there to give it a good review. The site of the old Taitung railway station is transformed into a park. Now there is no train running, but there is a display of an old train. Even if you are not a lover of railways, it is just interesting. The best way to get around Taitung is to rent a scooter or a car, even within the city, to get to the tourist spots, it will be easier if you have your own mean of transportation.
The waters of this lake are home to marine life, both animal and aquatic. Catch a glimpse of rare species of marine life from the viewing platform that overlooks the lake. Alternatively, take a relaxing stroll or cycle down to the shore and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze. If you’re simply out to add to your postcard collection, you’ll have countless designs to choose from. But if you’d like to send one, we recommend heading to Impression Jiufen, a souvenir shop and cafe in the well-loved tourist spot. You can select a postcard, write on it, and they’ll send it for you at a date of your choosing.
Apart from that, Xiaoyeliu is known to have one of the best campground and facilitates in Taiwan. Some of the facilities on the site include camping sets, each attached with a BBQ stand, picnic tables and chairs, water facilities, toilet and shower rooms. Despite being smaller in size, Xiaoyeliu is still regarded as one of the natural wonder in Taiwan.

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