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Participate as Independent Evaluator, for assessing offers for Works Supervision, including preparation of related correspondence and Evaluation Report. Expertise for evaluation of offers for the Supervision of Works for Improving the Navigation Conditions on the Danube River, between Călăraşi and Brăila. Assessment of contracting process within various Romanian Contracting Authorities, under EDIS and Romanian Procurement legislation. The Services also included assistance in terms of legal aspects in terms of procurement procedures. Advice on possible option and recommended alternative for handling the contractual conflicts and related aspects. Also acting as non-independent mediator and services and for preparation of position papers for Disputes Adjudication, were included.
The other unit is the Center for Fundamental and Advanced Technical Research in Timisoara, with sections devoted to hydrodynamics, cavitation and magnetic liquids, metallic constructions and welding, electromechanics, vibrations and vibro-percussion. In the domain of aeronautics, the Romanian Academy can certainly pride itself on its many trailblazers and inventors. Traian Vuia, a pioneer in the world of aviation, built and patented the first airplane that took off with the exclusive use of its own motor and used a landing gear equipped with pneumatic tires.

Our hands-on management and highly qualified staff promote a client-oriented culture that aims to optimize processes. We achieve quality performance and timely completion of our projects through our full range of building services. MJP unites a team of inventive and highly skilled architects, design specialists, building engineers. This means we can provide a wide range of services required for a building project. Our combination of technical expertise and creative design is reflected through our many successful designs. Over years, Dr. Ghiocel has provided engineering services on seismic SSI analysis, specialized SSI software, or consulting support to many large nuclear corporations including Westinghouse Electric Company - Toshiba Co., Washington Group International, ARES Corporation, AECL Canada, KOPEC Korea, BINE China, PBMR Ltd.
Yet, when you think of marble, the sculptures of ancient history come to mind, the Greek buildings highlighting marble; you can imagine a stylish bathroom or a kitchen, yet you would never imagine that from bathroom, the marble could also be used in fashion. Of course, BIM's advantages translate into many commissioned projects, apart from nominations and prizes. We combine our experience, technology and the latest assessment tools to ensure we present only the best candidates. These are just some of the steps we take to ensure that you get the right candidate, at the right time - every time. Excellence - Will not waste time giving false expectations and will always provide a first-class professional service to achieve successful results. This is why they are continuously innovating, being committed to providing the best structural solutions, considering the particularities of each project and always integrating the latest technologies and approaches.
Choosing a university is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in terms of education, and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. After graduating University of Leicester, Martin Powell developed his early career in the quarrying extractive industry with Australian corporation Pioneer Concrete. Later on, he joined Redland, one of UK’s leading building materials producers.

We approach every project with a unique and personal touch, in order to satisfy both architectural and economical perspectives. We cherish our architects’ vision and incorporate it within our innovation. Whatever the project, we have your solution and we deliver it, while honoring tight budgets and aggressive deadlines. Mihai is doing 3d modeling and detailing of steel structures making material lists, erection drawings. He is a Past-President and Life Member of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, and is currently the chairman of the board of the QuakeCentre – an organisation based at the University of Canterbury funded by industry to deliver solutions to industry-identified needs.
The project budget for the Bulgarian side is a little over EUR 225 million, while the Romanian side of the bridge has a EUR 48 million budget. Although the bridge was initially to be completed by the end of 2011, the European Commission agreed to extend the deadline by one year, allowing Bulgaria and Romania to use ISPA funding instead of having to foot part of the rising costs themselves. Spanish company FCC was appointed as contractor under FIDIC conditions for the design and construction of the main bridge whereas the French-British consortium Ingerop/High-Point Rendel was appointed as the Engineer under FIDIC conditions to carry out the control of the design and the supervision of the construction. In the domains of energetics and electrotechnics we could mention the Academician Constantin Budeanu, formerly Professor at the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, who studied distorted (non-sinusoidal) power in electrical installations and was a forerunner of the international system of units of measurement. Also a B.P.I. Professor was Remus Radulet, who distinguished himself through the study of the transitory operating conditions of electrical circuits and through the coordination of the monumental 18-volume Lexiconul tehnic român .

Activities included regular site visits and reporting, permanent information on contracts and works status, provision of informal opinions upon Parties’ request and disputes adjudication. „Oglinda si Asociatii” Attorneys at Law are running a number of contracts for juridical assistance and representation for construction companies, that are executing Works Contracts according to FIDIC Conditions of Contract. Capacity development to ensure a consistent approach by disseminating the new operational methodology among the Main stakeholders of the public procurement system. To that end, services involved preparation and presentation of related course materials, including numerous real life case studies and practical examples and exercises. Services also included continuation of Client’s staff training in managing works contracts and related contentious issues.
Located in Pipera District to the North of Bucharest, Cubic was acquired by DPGS during the construction phase as a joint venture with the developer. It is a modern office building finalized in 2010 that comprises twelve floors above ground with three levels of underground parking and provides 27,586 sqm of office space.Ensight Solutions provided project monitoring and due diligence during construction on behalf of DPGS in this joint venture. This involved reviewing specifications, design, monitoring execution, supervision during handover as well as coordinating with tenants during their fit out. Part of Bucharest’s Technical University of Civil Engineering, the Faculty of Building Services has a history of almost 7 decades and throughout its existence it has build a both nationally and internationally recognized reputation. Moreover, graduates are perceived as valuable assets in the business environment as the faculty is known to provide high quality study programmes.
I agree with the personal data processing policy and with the terms and conditions. Static and inelastic dynamic analysis for Bucharest-Dorobanti 20 levels hotel existing building. Research results for the R/C P13 structures seismic response in the Bucharest-“Muntenia” region. Experimental and theoretical studies to extend the wood-structure system in the Romanian constructions. Stoica – The tribute to the former Romanian aseismic design codes. – 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering – Lisbon – Portugal – September 2012 – paper 2403.

Currently, there are 349 buildings on the official list of buildings in Bucharest in the seismic risk category I, but civic associations and construction experts believe that, in reality, the number is higher, because the buildings have not been properly assessed. Technical expertise and retrofitting design projects for a lot of over 100 building case studies. User guide to expertise and retrofit the existing buildings in seismic regions.
Specialization in constructions burning done at laboratories Building Research Establishment Watford – Britain. Author of many books on energy and construction materials, holding 2 innovations and 3 patents and other patents pending award. Ioan Hossu, Engineer, graduate TTH proiectare hale metalice of Manufacturing Engineering Faculty Bucharest, Romania, coordinated energy activities and research on insulating materials used in construction, working on research, modelling and numerical simulation of heat transfer for residential and commercial buildings.

An association of 1000 members, from which 130 technical experts, actively contributed with over 1200 hours, voluntary, only in the last 5 years, for safety to be a reality in the construction industry – Romanian Association of Structural Design Engineers . Expertise in concrete design includes multi-floored buildings using conventional reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, precast concrete or composite construction. Vision Energy Partners is a legal entity specialized in project management, with a business-oriented approach, which ensures timely project delivery, with an emphasis on cost and quality.
Our team of structural engineers is involved in the design of any kind of building and industrial construction from concept to completion. Professional Consulting Engineers is a Romanian legal entity specialized in consulting, management and project management in constructions – founded by two structural engineers, Bogdan Radu, and Dragoș Mihăilă. They have gained, throughout their activity, a valuable vision on aspects such as structural design, project concept management, consulting, due diligence, cost estimation, building execution timelines, permits, construction site supervising and quality control. Along the years, Professional Consulting Engineers has maintained a strong partnership with Viena Consulting Engineers, collaborating on many projects. This professional collaboration was appreciated by local manager Marcus Stu and managing partner Wolfgang Dietrich Denk.

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