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For modern and useful men's shoes or other clothing, you can visit the Lumberjack men's category. Le Follie Shop is an online store divided into three departments, men's, women's and outlet with the best Italian and international designers. The Le Follie Shop Outlet offers shoes, accessories and clothing for men, women, with discounts up to 70%. For women we offer you a variety of styles from elegant boots, ankle boots, mocassino shoes, ballerina shoes to sandals. Danielle is a women's footwear shop present in Italy since 1969.
The shoes are also available in green, blue or black colour. Very comfortable black heeled shoes, dolly style. Beautiful style zaini sprayground shoes, both elegant and casual, made with lavorazione artigiana. 6 cm heel Genuine black leather pumps with rubber sole.

Fashion shoes with strap across foot, t style, and white rubber sole. The shoes are in bullseye style, and closed with strap across foot. Made in genuine soft napa leather in denime blue colour. Also available in black or green colour Made in Italy, fashion... Lumberjack women's shoes categoryboth complement your style and provide comfort for your feet all day long. These models offer the opportunity to choose a healthy shoe thanks to their ergonomic sole structures and special materials that allow the feet to breathe.
In the women's accessories list, bag models are in the first choices. Leather bags that are never out of fashion are among the first choices of women. Shoulder bags, tote bags and backpacks in various colors and models offer the right combination opportunity.

A stylish, casual, sporty or super-classic edge for adding to your outfits to look flawless no matter the occasion. They set the bar high with great expectations, and they need the right shoes, comfortable, functional, capable of adapting themselves to a thousand different situations. They will explore it, they will make it the protagonist of their games and they will fill their feet with good vibes, wearing a rainbow of colours.
We believe in the importance of a detail as a distinctive feature of our shoes, which are unique handmade pieces. The brands’ founder was known as one of the “Antwerp Six”, a group of avant-garde fashion designers who graduated from Antwerp’s infamous Royal Academy of Arts. Dirk Bikkembergs created provocative and innovative collections, devoted to his esthetic of the modern man; Strong, healthy and virile. The Lumberjack plans everything in detail for you to enjoy shopping.
Beautiful summer shoes women Italian bullseye shoes for women. These shoes are built with great expertise and they have a shape that is both beautiful and comfortablle. Made in genuine soft napa leather, they are closed with a t strap on foot. Rubber sole, in white colour, with a small wedge.

Comfortable shoe models that can be worn easily are highly appreciated by children. Moreover, there are affordable price options in children's shoes. Apart from shoes, different options such as t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts are also offered at the Lumberjack stores.
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