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Construction & Project Management with an Experience of 3+ years and 50+ projects. There is GREAT ATTENTION TO DETAIL in the Projects Designed by Vastushala Consultants and the Designs are “Minimalistic in nature”.
Guidelines for issue of No Objection Certificate for building construction in the vicinity of defence establishments. The interiors exude elegance featuring antique furniture from the clients’ collection. Makemyhouse treats your data as highly confidential and does not share or sell it to third parties. Your email is used to verify your identity and share important details about the site. We add an element of awe to your commercial or recreational space without much ado.

Keeping to its name, the studio leads ‘The Way’ to a greener future, incorporating and... Avishkaar is an International Architectural Designing firm specialized in large-scale building complexes. We are committed to provide Professional Urban Development solutions that cover all aspects of Designing, Engineering, and Management. Everyone has a dream to make his/her dream house Archdesignworld are the Biggest Architectural Organisation, who is designing your dream. Once you purchase a Plot ,Apartment ,Flat helps you with all your planning and design needs without needing a time consuming and expensive visi...
Every project varies and we take an objective and creative a... Here at DREAM PALACE CONSTRUCTIONS , we are ready for any and all problems you throw our way. With our solution-based plans, Dream Palace Construction puts together a plan of attack specifically designed to satisfy your needs.

Located in the capital city of Chandigarh in the foot hills of Shivalik Range, it was designed by the famous French Architect Le Corbusier and thus boasts of being an architectural marvel. The Court Complex, due to it's architectural brilliance, is thronged by students of Architecture from all over the world for the study of its design and facets. It is also a popular tourist destination for people visiting Chandigarh. A museum, with a beautiful display of artifacts, rare documents and depictions showcasing how the High Court Building came into being, is also a part of the Punjab and Haryana High Court building premises. Through coordination with enterprise architect teams - Partner with technical teams to troubleshoot... Architecture to development teams - Organize and lead design reviews with stakeholders to ensure business needs...
We are engaged in offering institutional architectural services in a committed time frame. Whether school or college, our interior services are appreciated for effectiveness. Arcoffik Architecture & Interior is an award-winning architecture firm in India dedicated to providing a design-focused service for commercial & residential projects. Ogling Inches Design Architects has been named as the best Interior designer and architects in Pune for Residential and Commercial design. Ogling Inches is involved in conceptualizing, designing and realizing a diverse array of residential, cultural and commercial projects. We, STYLE & SPACES, situated at Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

The application form is present on the official website of GNDU for admission. Mr. Sorabh Vohra, Infrastructure Consultant from J.L.L explained the participant’s the smart city concepts while giving his presentation on Smart City in detail. Mr. Vohra emphasized on the citizens participation for making Amritsar a Smart City.
Authorities noticed this danger and put up a protective fence around the pillar. Delhi is the melting point of different cultures, and religions and the city’s architecture Architect in Amritsar rightly portrays that. The artwork and architecture of ancient India are quite a wonder to witness. One such place is the The Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque complex in New Delhi.

Here is the list of few architect types to help you find the suitable type of architect for your requirement. We have a team of well qualified, experienced and reputed architects who are specialized in designing the residential building projects and handling major renovations. Our professionals are specifically trained to handle multiple responsibilities such as aesthetic issues, handling segments, materials, alignment checking and capable of producing magnificent results in a short time frame. If you are planning of constructing or renovating a residential property and searching for an architect with all the advanced features, contact FinacBooks now. Our architects always believe in creating an astonishing design by remaining consistent with your home style and preferences. Our expert architects in Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar will not only achieve your set goals but surpass your expectations to produce excellent results at cost-effective prices.
Depending on the type of project, the architect might require a year or more to complete the project. However, the period might vary depending on the weather conditions as well as the project requirements. Hence, do have a detailed meeting with the architect to understand the amount of time required to finish the project beforehand. Total carpet area, quality of design, etc., the price for constructing a building varies over a large range from INR 20 Lakhs to INR 60 Cr.

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