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Had prompt service from LiftShop to install an extra button on our lift. The parts were in stock and the work was done in conjunction with a regular maintenance visit, so no call out fee. All technicians and phone staff have been very helpful. Matt's professional approach and then his attention to detail in our recent enquiry on site was excellent. Darren, Simon, Troy, Luke and Blake from the Lift Shop were very professional and helpful with the entire process of purchasing, installing and the ongoing service. We had Lift Shop Perth install a lift into our new home build.
As always, John gets it sorted out and makes it looks so easy and he spares no effort to ensure that he’s covered all potential matters. And of course Thank you Lift Shop for your prompt action and quick turnaround on my service call. We had a longstanding issue with the initial absence of, and then inadequacy of, an external metal elevator maintenance tank cover. This important plant, whilst under cover, was fully exposed and subject to a dusty, windy, external corridor. It was, however surplus kit and not equal to the dimensions of the base - permitting foliage and dust to penetrate the plant instrumentation. Under pandemic conditions the matter took some time to resolve.

The lift has been in 18 months now and working well. Our dealings with everyone at The Lift Shop was a very good experience. Even with the difficulties of getting stock into Australia due to Covid, we were continually kept up to date and the time frame given was quite accurate from the start.
Jarrik Stoker was particularly helpful, helping us with the various paperwork and advising on what needed to be done before installation. The two installers, Trent & Joel, were very considerate and kind to my mum and dad whilst fitting their lift, and their workmanship was both professional and of a high quality. We would highly recommend anyone considering installing a lift in their premises to deal with this company. Choosing the right lift for my situation has been a satisfactory and pleasant experience with Liftshop, with Liam being informative and responsive during the initial stage. During the next stage of onsite preparation, Darren was always available to answer questions and to explain details.

We're developing solutions to keep lifts and escalators sanitary and safe. Our Schindler Ahead digital services offers such ground-breaking levels of reliability, transparency and equipment uptime. We're here to support you throughout the entire planning, construction, and installation process to ensure that your project is executed successfully. Had our first lift service, Kris was very professional ,polite and didn't mind my Dog's .Very helpful and informative with Telstra requirements.
Installed safety feature of safe landing incase any malfunctions. They did excellent job and demonstrated clearly how to use this function. Well done boys and lift shop for organizing this work for us. Our team takes great pride in delivering technically complex and challenging projects with skill and innovation. Every day, our people are working to deliver diverse projects for our clients. Our projects are undertaken with efficiency, cost savings and reliability at the forefront of deliverability.
He returned my calls promptly and was very thorough. During the install Vinny discovered a problem with some measurements and after some calls to head office they accepted the error was that of a previous Liftshop employee. The problem was resolved at Liftshop cost.

If you’re interested in price, please get in contact with our team and provide us with some more information about your project. Depending on scope, we can usually provide you a quote within 2 business days. You can rely on our team for a quick and seamless installation process. The objective within this project was to install two modern lifts which were able to blend-in with the heritage significance of an existing sandstone structure.
Lift Shops lifts are exclusive and different and cannot be purchased elsewhere. In 2021, Lift Shop sold more than 1,000 lifts during the year, beating the nearest competitor by more than 400 lifts. In most situations, we are able to provide you with a free quote within 2 business days. We have showrooms located in Melbourne and Sydney which host Australia’s largest display of working elevators.

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