Benefits, Preventions & Importance Of Invisible Ceramic Braces

I didn’t have to rotate any teeth, but one of them was starting to hide behind its neighbors and the rest were crooked. I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper with wired braces but I just didn’t want to deal with all the chafing and ulcers again (invisalign can still chafe but I felt it wasn’t as bad). Awarded as a Platinum Invisalign Provider in 2019, Nuffield Dental is truly one of the best dental clinics for invisible braces and Invisalign in Singapore. Although the pioneer clinic was only established in 2014, it has already expanded into 10 clinics all over Singapore. Wherever you are, you can always get comprehensive and high-quality dental care as there is always a clinic branch just hours away. Wisdom tooth surgery, why and when is it necessary to perform a surgery.
Metallic braces – These “traditional” braces are the most common type of braces. Silver braces are more commonly used than gold braces, but the two metals work equally well. Gold braces are usually chosen by patients who have an aesthetic preference for the look, or an allergy to the alloy used singapore ceramic braces in silver braces. For most, orthodontic treatment is an elective procedure. There are alternative solutions to crooked teeth, such as using veneers and/or crowns to align the teeth. The risks and benefits of each alternative can be better comprehended through discussions with your dentist.
Only dentists who are licensed by the company can treat with High-speed braces. These self-ligating braces are only for those whose jaw and teeth are fully developed, and don't require drastic corrections. There are so many companies offering remote teeth straightening with aligners! Take a look at our top picks and discover why we recommend these over any others. Damon braces require in-person orthodontist supervision just like regular braces. If you're interested in this treatment, your first step is to have a consultation with an orthodontist that offers Damon braces.

If your teeth misalignment needs intensive straightening, our dentist will recommend the metallic braces for better results. If you are comfortable with spending more coins, then ceramic braces is a good option. If you are working with a tight budget, you can consider metallic braces. Ceramic braces are more comfortable than metallic braces. They have small, rounded and ceramic brackets that are less likely to cause gum irritation.
Overall treatment time varies by case.Requires 6 months of treatment time on average.MaintenanceReceive and wear new aligners every couple of weeks. Keep them clean by brushing them and rinsing with water.Brush teeth while wearing braces and floss or clean between with a tiny interdental brush.Receive and wear new aligners every couple of weeks. Keep them clean by brushing them and rinsing with water.Receive and wear new aligners every couple of weeks. I went to Tooth Angels for the first time for consultation and extraction/surgery of both the top & bottom wisdom teeth on the right side.The WhatsApp service makes booking very simple.

Hope this post has helped you in some way in finding the right braces for you or your loved ones in Singapore. Fully on board with this approach are a cadre of investors who pooled $50 million in a recently closed series C funding round for the Massachusetts-based startup. Kleiner Perkins led the fundraising, with additional support from several previous investors, including Matrix Partners, Tyche Partners and AM Ventures. High quality, innovative orthodontic products backed by attentive customer service and educational support. Introducing Ormco Spark Clear Aligners—advanced clear aligner technology designed to meet the needs of orthodontists.
In fact, more adults are now turning to orthodontists in Singapore for orthodontic treatments and solutions, too! Dr. Thushala Ubaya is the resident orthodontist at Smilefocus, and her goal is to deliver positive body image experiences for patients with orthodontics issues. Some of the orthodontic treatments on offer include metal, self-ligating braces, ceramic and clear aligner orthodontics including Invisalign® and Whitesmile Clear. Not to worry since you can get anything fixed at the Symmetry Dentofacial Aesthetics. With its 5 star rating on Google, this premier specialist clinic caters to almost all of your oral care needs. From simple tooth cleaning and whitening to more complicated procedures such as root canals and wisdom tooth extractions, the dental experts from the clinic can help you with anything.
Metal braces are most popular among children and adolescent patients. They work by applying the braces to the teeth and connecting them with a wire. The wire is tied to the braces using elastic ties, which come in an array colors to choose from. To move the teeth, the orthodontist makes adjustments to the wire at your appointments every 4-8 weeks. The cost of braces in Singapore covers a wide range because there are many types of braces that you can get.

Lingual braces are another option for those who want to straighten their teeth without it being too noticeable. Lingual braces are fitted behind the teeth, so they are harder to see from the outside. Nighttime-only aligners are also available for anyone who doesn't want to wear aligners during the day.
Maintenance of ceramic braces is also very difficult as it may discolor easily so you have to limit your eating and drinking habits. A comprehensive range of dental services is provided at this clinic located at the Paragon Medical Centre in Singapore. For adults who have struggled with having uncentered teeth and are ready to do something about, advances in cosmetic dentistry have opened up the options for treatment. Where once metal braces were thought of as the only method to attain that perfect smile, now there are several other options available.

Ceramic braces are exactly the same as their metal counterparts, but they are tooth coloured to blend in better. They are less noticeable than the metal braces and move teeth faster than the clear plastic aligners. With their advanced technology, they conduct detailed teeth evaluation to further analyse your current tooth condition and to determine the most suitable treatment for you. That way, you can be sure that you’ll have the best ceramic braces in Singapore. Metal braces can cause tooth decay much more easily, and these brackets tend to pull on the teeth more severely. This pulling motion can cause sensitivity, especially when tightening the ligatures.
Clear braces are a vast improvement on their bulky metal counterparts, offering a more comfortable and sleek treatment in the same amount of time. Everyone wants straight teeth and an attractive, white smile. Clear braces can help many people achieve their dream smile, although this treatment is not for everyone. Consisting of small “wings”, traditional braces hold the tooth-aligning wires in place with tight elastic ties . These elastic ties on each brace create increased friction between the brace and the wire.

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