Auto Detailing Company In Canberra

It’s a mobile detailing service that comes to you, with services including cut and polish, paint decontamination and fabric and carpet protection – all using waterless, eco-friendly products. Dapper Auto offers a range of auto enhancing services, from window tinting through and vinyl wrapping, through to paint protection film, ceramic coating and more. The team have also built an enviable reputation for their specialisation in car cleaning and detailing.
All detailing packages include thorough car wash services, vacuum, polish, tyre shine and window treatment, plus a range of extra features that are available to meet your needs and budget. These include buffing, engine bay, wheel arches, glass polish, and paint sealant – plus specialty services such as ceramic coating of paintwork interior detailing and interior protection. Diamond Detail is the number one destination for car wash services in Canberra and much more. Our automotive enthusiasts boast 25 years of experience as well as an extensive list of satisfied clients. Some of these include car detailing, car window tinting, and car ceramic coating in Canberra.

Take your car into Braddon and they will give you a price depending on what you want done. It’s true that quality car detailing will cost more than a trip to the drive-through car wash. A great detailer sets reasonable prices that work with your budget.
From application of wax and paint protectants, to polishing minor scratches and dents, you have Express Car Cleaning to count on. Let Express Car Cleaning handle the task of giving your car a good bath. Ceramic coatings are a groundbreaking innovation in the next generation of permanent protection which offers 9H hardness protection and resistance to scratches and swirls. Our team are experts at headlight restorations, restoring them to a like-new condition, increasing the effectiveness of the headlight in terms of light again. Whether you have just bought a new vehicle or have an old classic, protecting your vehicle’s paint is essential.

Our car detailers only use world-leading products on your vehicle. With each step, we put as much care and effort into it as we would our own vehicle, and make sure to leave your car in the best possible condition. The same also goes for our window tinting services, which provide you with the darkest possible tint for your car’s windows, complying with all Australian standards. We are Perk'd Up Car Detailing Canberra's Premier Mobile Car Detailer.
This is a fantastic opportunity to see for the first time the power of the Jim’s Group. You will receive all the information and skills you need to become a true business owner. You are provided with the basic building blocks of OH&S, business planning and customer service. You will also receive extensive on-the-job training to ensure you can do the most advanced jobs. Paintwork treated with Williams Ceramic Coating is guaranteed for life time on new vehicle’s and 5 years on used vehicle’s. Unlike many paint protection products out there, Williams Ceramic Coat does not require enhancers to maintain its glossy shine or lifetime guarantee.
Our fully trained, insured, and police checked team offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our Car Detailing Services; we will fix it, at no extra cost to you.

Receive a specialised hand wash, wheel clean, and chamois dry. We will also provide a superb vacuum, door jamb clean and deodorise your vehicle to bring it back life. Firstly, your car will be rinsed with a high-pressure wash to remove dirt and grime. This reduces the risk of abrasive objects remaining on the paintwork and causing scratches throughout the wash. Next, the outside of your car is hand-washed with a detergent that’s gentle on the paintwork but effective in cutting through grease and dirt.
There are many mobile car cleaning providers, but only one that uses our amazing formula! For advanced paint protection for your new or high end vehicle, this coating will provide next generation sealant technology with 5 year warranty. A surface that has been sealed with ceramic coating prevents dirt from accumulating on the surface due to its smoothness and hydrophobic qualities. Your finish will be able to withstand the strongest chemicals (i.e. acid rain and bird droppings) and its UV resistance qualities help to maintain your car's original color and paintwork. An affordable, yet meticulous car detail to maintain your cars street appeal. Get both the exterior and interior of your car seen too with our mini detail service.

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