Save On Car Rentals At Belgrade

Take a look at our extensive car rental location map to find the best rental cars near you. Yes, automatic cars are available in most car renting companies in Belgrade. As cars with manual transmission are more common in many countries, you might have to pay an additional charge for renting an automatic car.
RIM, Offers vehicles with no deposit, no mileage, Nikola Tesla Airport or wherever you want.
Insurance is pretty straight forward with luxury and exotic car rentals in Europe. Besides that, we are always trying to have the best customer service that is available 24 hours 7 days in the week for our clients. Our rent a car prices doesn’t have any hidden costs, and we are treating our clients with full respect. As we already mentioned, all our extras, such as winter package, gps, car delivery are FREE, with no additional charge.

On the other hand, you won’t have to pay additional fees. The acceptable age of the driver depends on the company policy, as well as on the country where you are going to rent a car. The mixture of affordable prices and good service is probably what you are searching for each time you rent a car. is created to save you money on Luxury vehicle class rentals in Belgrade, Serbia.
Rent a car with a private driver for your business obligations. While for long-distance journeys, the fixed price depends mostly from kilometers, the hiring of a car with chauffeur in the city is hourly rated. Your private driver can wait for you at the airport arrivals with the name-plate. We also offer a city sightseeing service on the way from the airport to your hotel or vice versa.

Belgrade offers magnificent architecture, museums, and food and a buzzing night scene. Outside the capital, you'll find medieval monasteries and mountains that are perfect for skiing in winter, and hiking in summer. The airport is well organised, cool and clean and after you’ve passed through passport control and collected your luggage you enter the spacious arrivals hall.
The they kept quoting my the price without tax, which was misleading since what I was charged was another 20% higher than the $180 we kept discussing due to local sales tax. Last time I checked, car rental prices include all taxes and charges, as do all goods and services sold in Serbia . Intentionally misleading and manipulative, resulting in a shitty experience. With us, you can hire a car with your private driver in Belgrade and Serbia. You can choose between a few vehicles classes depending on number of passengers, and luxury and comfort level.

Providing your country allows us to give you a more accurate rental estimate. Providing your age allows us to give you a more accurate rental estimate. Please have your travel manager verify the discount code in SAP Concur. Not far from Belgrade (a little over a one-hour drive) stands the city of Novi Sad. Perhaps best known as host to the increasingly popular Exit music festival, there is plenty to enjoy in the city year round.
Belgrade Motorhome Rentals - Auto Europe is an expert and industry leader in all international transportation services. We work with the most reliable motorhome and RV suppliers in Belgrade and pass on additional savings to our customers. Contact us to find out more about renting a motorhome or RV while you are in Belgrade. Additional fees may apply for drivers under 25 and 70+ at the time of rental.
First off, the 2000 euros is a quite big amount, although different cars have different safety deposits, relative to their market value. This safety deposit is demanded by the rental company when the renter chooses to refuse having the full damage waiver which does what it says. Lower categories have lower deposits, higher categories can exceed 2000 euros.

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