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We have an exchange student from Denmark, Gertrude, arriving on 22nd July. We are all asked to keep her in mind when we have any outings, trips or family events that she could be involved in. President Dan reminded all members that any correspondence (written & electronic) under the club name should be approved by the board.
The Caloundra Greeters will have signage, a place in the revitalised Transit Centre and visible vests to wear when on roster. Terese explained that Stage 4 of the Bulcock Street streetscape project will commence in April - November between Minchinton St and Knox Avenue. The Caloundra Greeters program will touch peoples lives and advertising flags Clayton make Rotary visible - showing Rotary at work and giving Rotary leverage in the community. Suzanne Lee - Archer and her helpers were congratulated for the very pleasant and successful ($1400) fund raising event in aid of the Hamlin Fistula Foundation. The event was held at the Aspinalls delightful home and was much appreciated.
Go to theSeoul convention site, find the kit in the Resources section, and use it to encourage your fellow Rotarians to attend. With your help, the 2016 Rotary Convention could be the biggest yet! By encouraging a new member to attend the convention, you will have given him or her the opportunity to be well and truly convinced of the reach and breadth of Rotary.

One of the current rotary projects is the creation of “Centennial Park”. A walk amongst the modern concrete tourist mecca reveals little in the way of culture or history and even less ‘green space’. We all agreed that Louise should remain in her pantyhose so the rest of the family could admire her when they came over for the traditional Christmas dinner. PNG is an important part of our District and need our support following this disastrous event. The “seed” for Rotary came to downtown San Diego with Ernie Shiels a builder who met with ten other leading young San Diegans in September 1911. The club was formally chartered in 1913 and is currently the 5th largest in the world with over 500 members.
All the volunteers have really enjoyed their role and also the 2 for 1 coffee at various sponsoring cafés around town has been a welcome time to take a break. The rain held off and both the serious golfers and the 'not so serious' teams enjoyed the course, a game of golf and spending the day with good people in a great setting. But what he does remember is being fascinated by radio in his childhood; a fascination and involvement that continues to this day. The son of a clerk and very capable stay at home mum, Alex didn’t do well at school – he was more interested in radio! A highlight was being president of Caloundra Pacific and going to the Solomon Islands of projects.

What makes PVC boards a unique choice for signs is that they have a glossy matte finish, which makes them look stylish and trendy without even doing anything. This material is resistant to heat and all kinds of chemicals and can be used for screen and digital printing. PVC board signs can be used both outdoors and indoors since they are extremely tough and long lasting. Developed in conjunction with VicHealth, Roll Up offers an accessible, fun and socially inclusive environment for kids to engage in sport.
We cater for every special occasion and our beautiful products are printed and hand made on the premises. Custom design an invitation that's right for you or choose from our existing range. Our products include invitations, rsvp and wishing well cards, seating charts, menus, table numbers, soy candle bonbonniere and labels, service books and covers.
In simple terms, up to 12 Rotarians are hosted by clubs in the host District over a period that varies from 7-14 days. Except for accommodation, visiting Rotarians are expected to fund their own travel and personal expenses. A budget for the exchange visit will be prepared and agreed with the participants beforehand so that costs are kept at a reasonable level. Travelling as a group can also result in significant savings. To date, this event has raised significant funds to assist cancer research, local child and renal patients, disabled school children and air-lift medical services. In 2016, our beneficiary will beToowoomba Hospital Renal Unit through the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation.

Previously caring for wildlife under the umbrella of Queensland National Parks, WILVOS became an incorporated body back in 1995, operating with only 20 volunteers. Now 25 years later we have 290 members who all have a passion and desire to assist our native animals in need. With a dedicated hotline that operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year, WILVOS receives thousands of calls each year from members of the community requiring assistance for injured, orphaned or distressed animals. If so we would like to have one guest speaker every Thursday night at the club meeting. The Clubs from Charleville, Mitchell, Roma and St George in Rotary District 9630 Drought Appeal work on a similar basis and also emphasise that the drought affects the whole community.
Please click here for flyer for the Rotaract Club of the Sunshine Coast's 'Soldier On' trivia night. Rotarian David Smith proposed the International Toast to the Rotary Club of Ankara Turkey. It was chartered in 1955 and meets in the Hilton Hotel every Thursday evening. David also announced that he will be a Rotary exchange student. He is going to Lille, France, on a 6 weeks summer exchange. President Dan and the club wished all those going to the Solomon Islands a safe and productive time.
David Smith introduced our guest speaker, Mark Camilleri from Mates 4 Mates. Mark is ex-airforce and has served in Timor Leste and Afghanistan. Mates 4 Mates is sponsored by the RSL and is three years old in Queensland. It provides rehabilitation services to current and past service personnel and their families.

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